Young people at The Kings CE(A) School have spent the last 5 months
developing new inclusive businesses and services to enhance their community.


The ‘Our Town, Our Future’ project has been fully funded by the team at Realise charity and it has been incredible to see students develop such a diverse range of ideas focused on topics such as fitness, mental wellbeing, and skills development. The aim of the project was to encourage young people to develop their understanding of local employment opportunities which they may not have been
aware of. This has been achieved thanks to a number of local employers, notably; Strategi Solutions, Kidsgrove Sports Centre, Kidsgrove Athletic Football Club and aspire Housing. We also thank a number of other local organisations who provided
permission for their branding to support this project.

Liam Brookes, TILG Delivery Manager, commented:

“This project has been a great opportunity to bring the local community together. Young people have been able to explore a number of local businesses digitally and even meet some of these employers in person. Following a turbulent couple of
years, it’s projects such as these which allow smaller communities such as Kidsgrove to build and plan for the future. Thank you to everybody who has been involved.”

Sophia Snell, Charity Manager at Realise charity, added:

“I’ve been inspired by all of the great work carried out by the students of The King’s CofE Academy, Kidsgrove. I’ve not only seen the project ideas grow, but the individuals involved improve their confidence and skills as well. I’m proud of the work Realise charity and The Inspirational Learning Group, alongside Appetite Stoke and The National Literacy Trust have brought together to support the education and aspirations of young people and parents in the Kidsgrove community.”

After an afternoon of high-quality presentations, our judges unanimously agreed on the 2022 winners of this project … The Pit Stop. Congratulations to the whole team: George, Beth, Olivia, Xander and Alfie! When asked about the experience, wellbeing leader at The Kings CE(A) School, Mrs Kaminskas, said:

“The project has been very relatable for our students which has been great to see. Regularly they have been pushed outside of their comfort zones to develop a range of enterprise skills whilst also thinking about finance, target audiences, marketing etc.”
TILG would like to add our congratulations to every young person who has taken
part in this project. In addition, our thanks to staff at the school for their support of
this project!

Runners up – Growing Together (Katlien, Jacob, Sasha, Joshua, Libbie & Sammy)

Best Project Mangers – Alex & Caleb
Contribution Awards – Dominic & Oscar
Stand Out Achievers – Lydie-Ann & Macie