Announcing ‘Careers Curriculum’: Revolutionise Your School’s Careers Strategy

Announcing ‘Careers Curriculum’: Revolutionise Your School’s Careers Strategy

As the new academic year starts, TILG is proud to launch Careers Curriculum. Covering all aspects of effective careers education, Careers Curriculum ensures consistency of delivery and approach across schools – revolutionising your school’s careers strategy! 

Fully mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks, CDI Framework, and Skills Builder, Careers Curriculum covers all aspects of effective careers education, with an emphasis on the development of transferable soft skills for the workplace. Each step has been developed to provide students with the information and guidance that they will need at key transition points – including information on their post-16 options. The full curriculum of 30+ video-led lessons can be delivered in form time, timetabled careers lessons, or combined to create a Careers themed drop-down day for every year group in your school.

A unique series of Sector workshops have also been created, focusing on industry sectors currently facing a skills gap across the UK. Featuring LMI information on how the sector is set to grow over the coming decade, these workshops also inform students of the various progression routes into each industry and provide an opportunity for students to try a practical activity linked directly to each sector. Schools can pick and mix the sectors to deliver based on their region and local employers or can use these lessons to promote careers across the wider curriculum. Every lesson has been created to be delivered by ANY teacher in ANY classroom without the need for extensive preparation or any specialist equipment or resources. The lessons are fully planned in a comprehensive delivery guide, fully resourced with engaging, downloadable PDF resources, and are video-led to ensure that students have access to the same information, regardless of who is delivering the lesson. 

Rebecca Clarke, Head of Education and Programmes says, “I am exceptionally proud of the Careers Curriculum, which has involved working with so many different companies and employees all across the UK! I was a Careers Lead in schools for almost 20 years, this was the resource that I desperately needed – and here it is! Prior to the official launch, over 50 schools have already purchased the Careers Curriculum, testament to the growing demand of consistent careers education in our schools.”

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