The Trading Challenge

The ‘Trading Challenge’ is an educational, informative and practical programme which simulates a real trading environment, open to any students from year 7 to 13.

This challenge involves teams creating a wealth management company, assigning a team leader and monitoring the news reports for data relating to the companies they invest in.

The teams will be allocated £10,000 to invest in fictional shares.

The aim is for teams to finish the challenge with as much profit as possible; the team with the highest profit wins the challenge.

My Perfect University

The challenge is written specifically for NCOP and is a fun and engaging way of dispelling myths about University. The day sees the students create a brand-new University that everyone in their team would like to go to. The only rule is that the students must design a campus and decide on 2 specialist subjects. Over 10,000 students have already taken part in this challenge from across the country and it really makes the young people challenge their thoughts about University whilst also creating some great marketing ideas and some great process improvements/ideas for Universities.

One day business challenges

Over the last 6 years we have run many different challenges with our sponsors, including our 3 most popular challenge

  • The Alton Towers rollercoaster challenge
  • Kidzania challenge
  • Ryman enterprise days including, bags, pencil cases and apps.

All of our historic challenges can be run as a one-off facilitated day in your school, or we can also offer self-delivery options, just call us for more information on these days, or for details on availability and costs.