The Challenges

Here you will find a series of fun & free challenges designed to test your pupils enterprise and employability skills.

From research skills to product design and branding skills, there really is a challenge for every pupil.

These challenges can be undertaken in any environment, with any year group and are perfect for harnessing and nurturing potential enterprise skills with your pupils.

If you’re taking part then why not shout about it online using #TILGVirtual and tagging us in your ideas!

Test your:

Design and innovation skills

For our first challenge, we want to test your design and innovation skills as you create a brand new product using 100% recycled or waste materials ... good luck!

Test your:

Product design & branding skills

Challenge 2 will see you testing your design skills. Do you have what it takes to take a tin of beans and come up with a brand new product? We want to see the whole process from design of your product right through to the branding and marketing of your new product.

Test your:

Communication skills & sales pitches

This challenge is simple ... sell a biro pen! We want to hear your best sales pitches, drawing on your communication and persuasive skills. Click the link below to hear more about this challenge.

Test your:

Strategy skills

This is a challenge not for the faint hearted! We want you to build the tallest tower you can, using any objects around you. What will be your plan of action for this challenge? What is your strategy for creating the tallest tower and winning this challenge?

Test your:

Design skills

Ho ho ho! It might not be Christmas just yet, but we still need you to get your seasonal thinking caps on. This challenge will see you create and design a brand new Christmas card for The Inspirational Learning Group that could go out to all of our sponsors and supporters. We can't wait to see you ideas!

Test your:

Idea generation skills

This could be the most enjoyable yet demanding challenge so far! The Earth has been invaded by aliens and you need to create your own shelter to keep you safe. Then you must show us around your shelter and sell it to us, estate agent style!

Test your:

Branding & marketing skills

To infinity and beyond! This challenge will see you design your very own super hero. It's a simple brief but one that will really test your branding and marketing skills - we want to see a drawing of your superhero as well as a logo design and name.

Test your:

Research skills

Memes are a huge viral trend right now and we want you to design your own! Focussing on your own educational experiences, take inspiration from existing memes and create your own.