TILG are thrilled to announce brand new projects with GM Higher & Aspire to HE


Aspire to HE


The Inspirational Learning Group were delighted to support Aspire to HE in creating 4 bespoke study programmes which are now available online to all students across the Aspire to HE partnership.  The programme, which will be delivered via video led workshops accessed either in school or home, focuses on core skills such as time management but also introduces students to a range of revision techniques and memory boosting study skills such as elaborate interrogation and interleaved practice.


We are also working with Aspire to HE to deliver innovative and engaging Local Labour Market workshops and assembles to Year 9 students in 50 high schools across the Black County and Telford and Wrekin.  The assemblies will introduce students to the employment opportunities that currently exist within their local area and will inform them over the key sectors likely to experience growth in the next 5 – 10 years.  Students will then complete 4 online workshops, supported by local employers, which will focus on 4 growth sectors which will help students to recognise and develop the skills required to be successful within these employment areas.


GM Higher


We are delighted to have been approved for GM Highers’s outreach work across Greater Manchester schools.  Once again, we are able to offer My Perfect University to schools across Manchester as part of the Office for Students – Uni Connect programme.

We have also been commissioned to develop a series on online, interactive workshops that will introduce students across the Greater Manchester area to the emerging employment opportunities and growth sectors within the region.  These resources will be available to all high schools across Greater Manchester.