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JCB Wildcard Challenge – Your second chance to win a place at our National Finals!

Entering our 2024 Wildcard Challenge could not be simpler!

Your challenge: Identify a problem that you and those around
you face on a regular basis and create a product which
resolves this issue!
You can enter on your own, with a friend or even your whole friendship group.
Complete our 1 hour challenge, film your entry and send into our team at before 21st June 2024 for a chance to attend our National Finals at Doncaster Racecourse on Tuesday 9th July.

Video 1 – Introduction

Watch video 1 to learn more about your
wildcard challenge!


Video 2 – Idea Generation

Divide a sheet of A4 paper into two sections.
On one side of the paper, identify all the problems that you
experience in your daily life. On the second half, identify
potential solutions to these issues.
You should try to identify as many problems and solutions as
possible before selecting one idea that you will focus on for
this challenge.

Video 3 – Identify your solution

You must now consider how your chosen idea will address
your identified problem.
How will it work? What will it be made of? What size will it be?
What special features will it have? How will you ensure that it
is easy to use?
Create a draft design of your product and make adaptations
till you are happy with your design concept.

Video 4 – Creating your product design

You should now create a detailed design sketch of your final
You should annotate your design to explain any special
features or accessories and to explain how this product will
address or alleviate your identified problem or issue.
You should also create a brand identity for your new product
which could include a product name, logo and/ or brand

Video 5 – Send us your entry!

Use your phone to record a short video
(maximum 60 seconds) to share your product idea
and design.
Your video must include;
1. Your name, age and school.
2. The problem that you identified.
3. Your solution to this problem.
4. A description of your design and the key features you have included.
5. Why you deserve a place at the finals!

Once you are happy with your video, send to our team at before 21st June.

Please ensure that you have your teachers permission before submitting your video.

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