Take a look at the current programmes that TILG offers …

The National Primary School Challenge

Come back soon for exciting information about our BRAND NEW primary school challenge.

The National Enterprise Challenge sponsored by Air Products

The National Enterprise Challenge sponsored by Air Products, is the UK’s largest enterprise competition and provides students aged 11–15 with a real-life business challenge set by some of Britain’s best-known companies and brands.

The National Skills Challenge

TNSC is a bespoke programme for colleges and 6th forms, offering students the opportunity to work as a team to formulate a solution to a challenge posed by a leading UK business.

My Perfect University

The challenge is written specifically for the Office for Students - Uni Connect Programme and is a fun and engaging way of dispelling myths about University. The day sees the students create a brand-new University that everyone in their team would like to go to.

The Destinations Programme

1 hour future planning session that encourages pupils to think about their future plans and aspirations post 16.

The Stocks and Shares Challenge

This is an educational, informative and practical programme which simulates a real life stock trading environment. The Challenge involves teams creating a wealth management company, identifying an investment strategy and monitoring a series of news reports for data relating to companies that they can invest in.

Alien Apocalypse - Team Building Challenge

Your students will race against the clock to defend the human race from the alien invaders, all whilst developing communication, problem solving and STEM skills - key skills for secondary education and future employment.

Alternative Provision

Inspired - Skills and Enterprise Academy

Inspired - Skills and Enterprise Academy is an Alternative Provision for students aged 12 - 16 designed to promote creativity, entrepreneurialism and employability.