What do people admire in your personality?


This Valentines we are celebrating everyone with our handy guide to personality animals, and what makes them attractive –  whether between friends, colleagues, siblings, teachers or partners! 

It’s important to remember that all relationships are unique and have a whole host of considerations surrounding them. We recommend finding out more about your own personality and that of others to understand how you can bring out the best in each other. 


Have a go at our personality quiz HERE and find out a little more about your animal type! 

As well as how we work with others, it’s nice to celebrate the positives in our personalities, and understand the qualities that we possess that could be admired by others. 

Check out our summary of greatness below and see if you identify with these celebratory parts of your own personalities, it’s also fun to see if you can identify these qualities in your peers, families or friendship groups.


Black Bear 

Mostly admired for: 

Your dedication, commitment and hard work. 

You set a plan and then go and achieve it, sharing your success with those you love. You set high standards for yourself and others so you may need to cut loved ones some slack.



Mostly admired for: 

You are like a tornado, full of energy, power, big ideas and destined to make a


Others can enjoy being swept along by the excitement you bring to tasks. Do give them a chance to recharge their batteries or they’ll be exhausted.


Polar Bear

Mostly admired for:

Your honesty, determination and attention to detail. 

You are as reliable and predictable as the sun rising each day. Do surprise those close to you now and again with gifts, jokes or something that breaks your routine so you won’t be labelled boring.



Mostly admired for:

Your gentle warmth, generosity and great memory for what others like make you a popular and loyal friend or partner. 

You’ll go with the flow but probably enjoy a night in with a familiar film or book.


Teddy bear/Panda 

Mostly admired for:

Your natural sociability and ability to look after people make you a popular companion, especially on a night out. 

Do remember to think of your own needs though rather than just keeping everyone else happy.



Mostly admired for:

Your naturally raucous and entrancing personality draws people to you.

Your wit and stories will keep them entertained. do remember to share some of your true self so people stay with you long term.


Barn Owl

Mostly admired for:

Your sharp insight and deep knowledge of topics of interest to you make you an equally enthralling and slightly intimidating friend

Your loyalty to people and causes you believe in is as strong as granite.


Tawny Owl

Mostly admired for:

Your intensity can be fascinating to others

They love trying to understand you. you might also be trying to understand yourself as you can be easily baffled, especially by people and practical considerations.



Mostly admired for:

Your natural creativity, warmth and empathy ooze out and make you a popular and sought after friend and mentor. 

Be Careful not to try and fix others problems though, unless it’s your job.



Mostly admired for:

Your inexhaustible energy and positivity can draw people towards you like you’re a magnet. 

Be Careful not to be bored too quickly and keep moving on to new people and projects.



Mostly admired for:

Your polite, generous and thoughtful nature. 

This alone makes you someone people like to stay friends with, do share your own thoughts, dreams and ambitions rather than just helping others realise theirs.



Mostly admired for:

You are deep, perceptive and a great listener, so people love being around you

You are a natural at making everyone feel loved and appreciated but do take care of your own needs too.


Mostly admired for:

Your insatiable appetite for life means you bring a party atmosphere with you wherever you go. 

Find people who can keep up with your lust for life and you’ll be happy.


Mostly admired for:

You are an exciting person to be around, a little dangerous even as you can live close to the edge. This will draw others towards you. Just learn to relax when you need to.



Mostly admired for:

People are drawn to you as you appear strong, fair and serious about what you believe in. 

You are seen as a good person to have on your side. share some of the warmth you usually have hidden away and you’ll be successful in love and life.



Mostly admired for:

You have an endearing natural warmth and sense of fun that draws people to you. 

Add your laidback style and it’s no wonder you are popular with a wide range of people.