Back To School For The Inspirational Learning Group

The world is slowly but surely, going back to normal. It has certainly been an ‘odd’ period: one where we have had to overcome lots of adversity, but with the guidance of Boris’s roadmap out of this pandemic, it is almost behind us! It is with this news that The Inspirational Learning Group are delighted that schools have fully opened their doors once more.

We take pride in conducting challenges and events across the UK for students of all ages. Although we have managed to hold challenges virtually, using our brand new TILG Virtual platform, the team all agrees that it is far more exciting for students (and us) to be hosting our challenges face to face!

After 12 months of being cooped up at home, Liam Brookes, TILG’S Delivery Manager could not be more excited to be back working in schools. We caught up with Liam after his first week back in schools.

How is it being back and working in schools?

 “Being back in schools is fantastic! Seeing the faces of young people discovering a newfound passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is incredible. But not only that, it is so rewarding to see young people developing their employability skills which now more than ever will play such an important role in their future development.”


How is being back in school now compared to pre pandemic?

 “It is certainly a different feeling now with increased measures, for the time being at least. But overall, nothing has changed. We’re so fortunate in this country to have a high-quality education system whereby every young person arrives at school ready to learn. And yes, while some learners are more ready than others, every young person recognises the value of being in school and the need to take hold of every opportunity they get. That’s why we get the best job! We are able to have off- timetable experiences where we can get stuck into tasks with learners and give them fresh opportunities, while approaching tasks with new methods.”


Is there more excitement and energy for the challenges after nearly a year off school?
100%. Students are ready to hear from fresh voices and learn new skills. I think the pandemic experience has shown to everybody that we all have unique skill sets and we’re not all brilliant at the same things. Some of us are more confident than others, some are more practical, while others are more methodical. Our challenge days allow students to use a range of skills to gain insights into a range of different industries, helping young people to understand where their strongest skills lie – and perhaps where their future career ambitions lie too!”


Do you think TILG virtual will become obsolete?
“Never! There is so much expected of teachers and so much on their plates. TILG Virtual allows for TILG to alleviate the need for session planning, reducing pressure on teaching staff, while also providing students with opportunities to virtually meet a diverse range of fun presenters. In Education, I believe it is imperative to expose young people to a wide demographic of speakers who have an array of different experiences and skills. It showcases to them what the wider world is like, beyond the four walls of their school.”


How do you see TILG Virtual working in the future?

 “I see TILG Virtual as a hub for innovative employability and enterprise education. A site whereby learners of all ages can develop their skill sets and get ready for the world of work. It’s not very often a young person can say that they have had opportunities to ‘work’ for some of the UKs largest companies as part of their school experience!”