The Inspirational Learning Group has been acquired by a UK-plc called, Dev Clever. Dev Clever is the creator of a platform that some of you may already be familiar with: Launch Your Career. The work that Dev Clever engages with ranges from independent advice and guidance, local labour market information and data, and even virtual reality interventions between students and employers.  If you’d like to check out some of their work, you can do so here!

So, why are we so excited?


Well, this merger will give TILG the support it needs to truly expand our capabilities. The TILGVirtual platform will, over the coming months, be integrating with Launch Your Career’s technology. This means that TILGVirtual users will have access to a cleaner user interface, more robust metrics & evaluation capabilities and, in some cases, access to virtual reality opportunities for students. Not all the details about the integration have been finalised just yet, but we can assure you that it will be a very busy summer as we prepare for the next academic year.

In addition to all the fantastic technological improvements that will be coming, we are also excited that our partnership with Dev Clever will mean an all-new Challenge as well! We really are sorry to keep teasing our readers with information bit-by-bit, but this is another one of those stories that you will have to wait to hear more about. So please stay linked in with us this summer and we’ll be sharing more as soon as we can!

We’re thrilled to have the support (and financial backing) of such a large organisation and one that is truly dedicated to changing the way that careers education is conducted in the UK. So, thank you, Dev Clever, and we cannot wait to start working together, hand-in-hand.