Students were set the task to develop a brand-new attraction to be based inside the aqua park. This attraction had to be based within the area of Waterworld’s existing attraction “The Lily Pads”, with the rest of the decisions entirely down to our teams taking part.



What followed was an array of ideas targeting topics such as accessibility and the development social skills.  Although one common theme existed across every entry … a fun dynamic idea created to enjoy young people to enjoy a day at the aqua park!

Michael Dyer, TILG Co-Founder and judge for the event, said:

“This was the first year that TILG had run the project, so we weren’t entirely sure what the expect from the teams taking part. Would they be nervous? Would they forget their words? Natural questions to ask.  I was absolutely blown away by the standards on show! The quality of the young person who took part nationally was fantastic to see, and a great testimony for everything that we believe in here. If you give a young person a platform to excel from, they will always rise to the challenge”.

Mo Chaudry, Founder of Waterworld and head judge for the event, added:

“This was a fabulous day to be involved in, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m extremely passionate about inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and that is why when asked, I simply had to get involved in this project. It was brilliant to see the levels of creativity, teamwork and communication demonstrated by all of the young people involved”.

After a tough day of presentations, our judges did unanimously agree on the 2021 National Champions

… Team Water Wars from Holden Lane Primary School



When asked about the experience, class teacher at Holden Lane,  Mrs Lovatt, said:

“The National Primary School Challenge was a fantastic experience to be involved with. We ran the challenge with almost the entire school, before choosing a select few to enter to the national competition aspect. It gave our pupils an opportunity to make new friends, test their social skills and gain an introduction to important employability skills which they will continue to develop along their educational journey”.

TILG would like to congratulate every school who took part in this year challenge. The passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by all of our students, and teachers, was phenomenal to see.


2nd place – The Terrain (Kirkby Avenue Primary School)

 3rd place – Shark Shack (Hillside Primary School)