Connect your business with the future workforce!

Introducing the brand new digital portal that connects students with employers – The World Of Work, launches to young people in 2022.


Watch the full version of our explainer animation, and talk to us about how we can help you plan for the future, just complete our ‘Contact Form’ at the bottom of the page!


Employers and business can expect the following:

Engage with young people in your market

  • Through The National Careers Challenge we will be onboarding a target of 50,000 young people this year
  • Once on-boarded, they will take part in an employability challenge day in school.Our challenges encourage and explore skills required for the world of work.
  • Following the challenge, all students are invited to the World of Work where they can explore employers and sectors, from all over the UK.
  • Our platform will connect these students to YOUR business, inviting them in to have a look around using exciting technology such as Virtual Reality.
  • Address your industry’s skills shortages at the source and begin to plan out this lack of qualified talent.

An exciting portal packed with student targeted content designed to engage our young audience and introduce them to opportunities with your business.

Further your marketing, CSR and recruitment exposure

Every business that joins our World of Work will receive:

  • A branded landing page all about YOUR business, opportunities and behind the scenes encounters that immerses young people into your workplace using VR.
  • A short and punchy introduction video to familiarise young people with who you are and what you do. This could be a students first touch with your brand, and could lead to a new member of your future team, OR a loyal new customer.
  • Up to 5 ‘meet the team’ interviews with team members across different roles and departments. This could feature your supply chain, highlight roles that are in decline or demand, and present areas of work that young people may never have known existed.
  • An immersive 360 VR tour of your facilities. Let them see your head office, hub, factory, warehouse, plant, kitchen, restaurant, salon through their own eyes. Imagine a day in the life in your working environment.
  • All hosted by young, relatable presenters that know how to bring to life your world of work, and connect with young people.

How do schools get access to the WORLD OF WORK 

  • The Inspirational Learning Group work have worked with over 350,000 young people, this year through our flagship programme The National Careers Challenge we will onboard 50,000 new students to our platform
  • All students will be onboarded to our careers search and discovery platform Launch Your Career, where students will begin their career journey and exploration
  • Launch Your Career brings to life encounters using Virtual Reality including our initial career discovery experience through to our World of Work encounters with real life employers
  • The Inspirational Learning Group are passionate about building a world where students can plug into the real working world, and build the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Meet some of the employers already on the platform….

We are working with some fantastic brands across the UK and we’re already filming and bringing to life their facilities and opportunities including:

  • 360 Virtual Tours
  • Introduction to your business video
  • ‘Meet the Team’ videos
  • Live Event Scheduling
  • Live Apprenticeships

You can watch our video with James Kirk, Group Operations Director at Erodex and what he thinks of the initiative and why they have chosen to take part.

“Addressing the skills gap is critical to the future success of Erodex, engineering is typically an area that has an ageing workforce. 

We have modern technologies and we want the younger engineers to join Erodex and grow with us”


Let’s connect……..

  • We would love to discuss your requirements & show you around our World of Work and the Launch Your Career platform
  • Please complete our contact form and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to meet.
  • Or you can contact me directly at jon@tilg.co.uk