The Inspirational Learning Group is driven by co-founders, Ben and Michael Dyer who, between them, have a wealth of experience designing and running educational programmes across the UK.

In the Summer of 2012 Ben and Michael sat in a coffee shop in Staffordshire University. Sitting opposite them were two well-dressed professionals talking about how young people didn’t have the skills needed for the world of work.

Ben recalls, “Michael and I agreed that instead of moaning about the problems, someone should do something about it.”

The Dyers already had experience working in enterprise education, including with the Chamber of Commerce and the Government’s BAF Diploma. So with their combined skills and experience they decided they were the people to do something about it.

Anything is Possible

What started as a coffee shop conversation grew into the UK’s largest enterprise and employability challenge in the UK. Ben and Michael Dyer are proof that no matter what your background, you can aspire, achieve and succeed in making your place in the world and embody the belief that ‘anything is possible.’ This philosophy runs through The Inspirational Learning Group and encourages students to do the same.

Our values drive our business and our approach to what we do, above all else we believe in;

  • Delivering on what we promise
  • Inclusivity – no matter what a person’s academic ability is, we believe in opportunities for all
  • Pioneering enterprise education and being ambassadors to drive this agenda forward
  • Constantly building our knowledge and credibility to become experts in our field
  • Developing our people; if we are motivated, we motivate others
  • To find and work with like-minded organisations