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Technological advances move business forward, but they also exacerbate challenges in both recruitment and retention, driving an ever-expanding skills gap.

65% of jobs that exist today will not exist by the time primary school students leave school and prepare to join your business. Employers and educators must make use of technology to connect with students and change the way that they prepare for their future. If students aren’t even aware of your jobs for the future, then how will they ever be prepared to fill those roles?

Our employer solutions are designed to enable employers to reach young people and provide immersive learning and development experiences. Whether it is early career engagement or increasing diversity and inclusion within an industry, our diverse employer solutions enable businesses to develop the talent they will need to meet their future talent needs.

Whilst we are fully committed to enabling employers to engage with their future employees , The Inspirational Learning Group remains market leaders in the enterprise education space, with over half a million students from across the country engaging with our portfolio of traditional enterprise challenges, delivered by our expert facilitation team.


Our Solutions

We can support your future workforce by developing the skills that they will need for their future world of work.

The National Careers Challenge overview

Over 500,000 young people have already engaged with The National Careers Challenge, the largest school enterprise competition in the UK.

Through completion of the challenge, students develop key skills required to thrive in the world of work. Previous sponsors of the challenge include global PLCs Air Products & AtkinsRéalis, alongside NatWest, and Thorpe Park who have used the challenge to directly access hundreds of thousands of young people across the UK.

If you are trying to support skills development or STEM education then TNCC sponsorship may be the right solution for you!  To discuss, do not hesitate to call the team on 01785 875375.

Talent Solutions

In an increasingly competitive market, employers must adopt new and innovative methods to finding and attracting talent.

Our talent solutions educate prospective employees on what it is like to work within your company, minimising onboarding challenges and decreasing attrition rates. Through our online platform and The National Careers Challenge, employers gain access to a pipeline of hundreds of thousands of learners and early talent. With engaging 360 degree tours and employee interviews, you will be sure to become an employer of choice to young people around the country. Why devote thousands of hours to going out and finding the right young talent, when you can help them find you instead? For more information call our team on 01785 875375.

Virtual Work Experience

In today’s ever-changing landscape, traditional methods of work experience are no longer relevant. Increasingly employers are pivoting to virtual methods.

Our bespoke, branded virtual work experiences, enables employers to harness the power of technology to recruit, attract and showcase your business to a global audience of potential future employees. But this isn’t your standard VWE (virtual work experience), The Inspirational Learning Group uses our expertise to integrate virtual reality and high-quality video-led content to drive skills development and help you to identify the best talent, no matter where it comes from.

Through virtual work experience, employers can become the “employer of choice” before students have even had to make that decision. Interested in learning more about what an experience could look like for your business? Get in touch with our team 01785 875375.


I would have loved something like this when I was at school! It’s a brilliant initiative and in fact one of the things that I’m going to do when I get home is to ring my children’s schools and see if they are involved because it’s a great way of getting them involved with something that is going to be so important to their future.
Jason Manford TNCC Grand Finals 2022 host
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When we were at school, there was nothing like this! Having this experience at the finals, sharing ideas, meeting new people, it really will set students up for life. You’d be hard pressed to find a better experience
Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely TNCC Grand Finals 2018/19 hosts
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