Lets get ready to crumble!

the Inspirational Learning is thrilled to announce that last year’s KS4 National Enterprise Challenge winning idea has been made into a reality!

Last year’s TNEC challenge was sponsored by Grenade and saw teams from schools up and down the country compete to create, brand and market a brand new flavour for a Carb Killa bar.

Our facilitation teams saw some fantastic ideas across the year from over 50,000 pupils, including Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream and even a Sunday Roast flavour bar!

However, when it came to crunch time, the Grenade team were blown away by The Bourne Academy team for their inventive flavour idea and marketing campaign for the protein bar.  So much so that Alan Barratt and his team at Grenade have manufactured their winning idea, Apple Rumble and it is now on sale.

A huge congratulations to the winning team from The Bourne Academy, Toby, Amy and Lina. 

We hope that the bar is every bit as delicious as you planned it to be!

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