The Inspirational Learning Group host education consultation with young people at Windsor Castle

For the first time, young people were invited to St George’s House at Windsor Castle to contribute to a consultation led by the Federation for Education Development.  

Liam Brookes, Delivery Manager for The Inspirational Learning Group led a bespoke session titled “My Perfect School” and collaborated with the young people to brainstorm the purpose of schools, in addition to designing their own curriculum and campuses.  Areas of discussion included improving student’s wellbeing and improving their knowledge of life skills, such as communication and presentation skills, in addition to finance knowledge with mortgages and lending. 

Liam Brookes said,  “Bringing students together in such a historic, and iconic, venue was a highlight of my career to date. The innovation shown by our young people when discussing education in the UK was remarkable to see. There were thorough and conscientious discussions regarding innovation of timetables, exams and the overall purpose of school, while carefully considering the practicalities of the new ideas. It is safe to say that the future of education is in safe hands with our next generation!” 

Students were also treated to a tour of St George’s Chapel and the opportunity to watch the Changing of the Guard before the event – a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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